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White Buffalo Yoga Pants by Sushila Oliphant


Native American themed yoga pants with a White Buffalo situated as the seventh position in the six pointed star, or hexagram. The two triangles symbolize as above so below and the White Buffalo represents balance and enlightenment. Only when one reaches a true balance can one touch the truth of life and enter into the very center of the star. When the White Buffalo appears, it is a very good omen of positive change.

These yoga leggings are vibrant in color, dotted with peace signs, petroglyphs, shamans, horses and buffaloes for a tribal feel and they will certainly brighten up your workout. Comfortable with enough support for your asanas while looking fabulous. Pair it with our matching White Buffalo Medicine Wheel yoga t-shirt for an even more awesome look!

Comes in sizes: XS, S, M and L - Click here for size chart

  • High performance compression fabric is perfect for workouts as well as everyday wear.
  • This fabric is stain, odor and microbial resistant.
  • 93% Polyester / 7% Lycra

    wicking technology

Pair these with our matching Yoga Top for a complete look!




Temporarily out of S, M and L - on backorder.

White Buffalo Yoga Clothing
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